1. Just before the amazing tropical storm in Dee Why, New South Wales :D

  2. Sitting on one of the coves in Jervis Bay, Australia :)

  3. Beautiful sunset over the Blue Mountains <3

  4. My lovely friend and I waiting for the sun to set over the Blue Mountains…

    I am looking for photo opportunities in Sydney, Australia and wondered if anyone knows of anything going/would like me to photograph them/event/place etc please get in touch! It would be an amazing opportunity for me and my costs are very low as I’m learning still! :) Thank you all <3

  5. Me watching the sunset over the Blue Mountains… It was so beautiful and I have so many pictures to follow soon… :)

  6. Sydney Harbour Bridge :)

  7. Amazing boat at Sydney Harbour :)

  8. Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset

  9. Sunset over the bay at Palm Beach, Australia - where Home And Away is filmed! :D

  10. Cottlesloe coves, Perth Australia :)

  11. Dusk over Cottlesloe Beach, Australia :)

  12. Trying to make a heart rather than a claw… :) At Cottlesloe Beach, Perth

  13. Beautiful sunset on Cottlesloe Beach - Perth :)

  14. Sunset on the esplanade Perth, Australia :)

  15. Hey everyone, 

    I haven’t posted any pics for a while because I’ve been travelling to Australia via Singapore and I’m finally here! :D Australia is so beautiful and here is a pic of me chilling on Scarborough beach, Perth! Western Australia has an incredible coastline… I should have lots of pics up soon!

    Thanks and hope you are all good :) <3